Hello, we're Keen.

Nice to meet you. We're a full service advertising agency comprised of graphic designers, web developers, animators and musicians. We like to tinker, explore and always seek to uncover the unconventional. Take a look around and get to know us.

What are you guys?

We get that question a lot. Our first answer is always, "We're human". But seriously, Keen Studio is a branding, animation, and web design firm based in Grand Rapids Michigan. We help companies express their brand or product from a different perspective. If you've got a creative challenge that you want to hit head on, give us a call—we'd love to help.

Branding and Graphic Design

Branding is what we do, day in and day out. We help uncover what is truly unique about your organization and define it through carefully crafted messaging, visual identity and branded elements.

Web Design

With over 20 years of creating intuitive and immersive web experiences, we are able to help architect, design, and develop nearly any digital project that might come our way.

Motion Graphics

Motion has become one of our favorite ways to tell the brand story. Custom animation, video production, and polished musical compositions come together to truly inspire, motivate and connect.

Let's talk.

We’d love to hear from you. Whether it's about a project, or just to have a chat. Feel free to
drop us a line any time and we’ll get back to you.
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Quotes from Keen

"I wish I could google where my jacket is."