Motion Graphics

Animation is what moves us.

Motion has become one of our favorite ways to tell the brand story. Custom animation, video production, and polished musical compositions come together to truly inspire, motivate and connect.
Keen 2019 Animation Reel

Motion Production

Concept Development
Pre + Post Production
Animation + Music
From concept to completion, Keen Studio will help you dream up an immersive way to tell your story or introduce your brand or product.

01 Concept

Concept exploration
Animation, full video,
 or a combination
Meet with stakeholders to gather direction
Engaging motion production always starts with a great concept. We want the idea to speak for itself—a powerful visual representation of your brand story.

02 Storyboard

Develop a script that tells a brand’s story
Storyboard design
& animation flow
There are no prepackaged ideas at Keen—every production is custom crafted to the brand it represents. Once the concept is fleshed out, the script is written to deliver a clear, impactful message that cohesively flows with the visual style. The script will be meticulously fused into the storyboard, which will layout the production in representative cells.

03 Production

Full film + video production

Asset development
Talent acquisition

Full production crew support
Here is where we implement the results of our exploration into a custom motion production. Whether kicking off a 50-person film set or crafting the first (of hundreds) of individual visual assets for an animation, this is where the rubber meets the road.

04 Editing/Post

Full implementation
of concept
Refine footage down to a final product
Voiceover (if needed)
Color grading
Video production

Audio production
After filming and animating, it is time to refine it down to a finished product. This is the make or break of the production—a proper edit will help the message resonate with the intended audience and make the production flow smoothly. Graphics, visual movement and a strong call-to-action (CTA) are all used to help conclude the story.
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