web development
Web Development

Digital nerds never sleep.

With over 20 years of creating intuitive and immersive web experiences, we are able to help architect, design, and develop nearly any digital project that might come our way.

The digital process

UX information architecture
Brand direction
UI design
We use a tried and true method to express your vision in a web environment. Broken out into phases, this structure will ensure the project stays on time and on budget.

01 Discovery

Gather technical requirements
Define all template
 and content needs
Identify success criteria and KPIs

Document all 
Defining requirements as clearly as possible upfront saves time later when you’re in the thick of design and development. Here we will determine what CMS to use and if current hosting is appropriate. We’ll also discuss things like integration of an ecommerce platform to enable online purchasing or developing a user account backend or blog component.

02 Architecture

Plan for future
 site expansion
Identify landing 
page messaging
Create Site map
Wireframe structure
Identify and define all pages
Here, we’ll aim to take what we’ve learned in the Requirements sprint and put it into tangible assets. We’ll build a comprehensive sitemap and wireframe out the structure and layout of the site. Things like headers and navigation are defined and placed by the content within them - not by what type styles and colors they look best in.

03 UI design

Integrate company 
Design comps for
 site structure
Design comps for 
pages in the sitemap
Design email 
In the design phase, we’ll craft a contemporary visual style that enhances the readability and hierarchy of the structure defined in the wireframes. Elements ranging from page headers to primary and secondary button styles will all be defined. Site comps will be produced for each necessary page template at multiple screen sizes, which will setup for the following Development sprint.

04 Development

Site environment setup
Hosting account setup
HTML / CSS scaffolding
Content editing and search engine optimization
Our development approach is a bit more holistic than what might be found elsewhere. We believe in minimizing unnecessary plugins and libraries to keep page load time and security vulnerabilities to an absolute minimum. We’ll build the project locally and push to a development environment daily so that you can track progress in real-time.
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