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3D Labs


We worked closely with a regional 3d-printing business to represent their three dimensional printing business in two dimensions

Begining with style exploration and market research, we produced a package of brand elements that includes logo design, stationary, brochure, and website.

Our goal was to provide a visual aesthetic that augments their competitive business offerings and services in a way that gives instant clarity into the value that the company provides.

3d Labs Brochure

As with any new brand, we begin by collecting information through interviews of company stakeholders and identifying strengths and differentiators.

The results of our initial discovery are written down and coalesced into a visual exploration through sketching and whiteboarding with the goal of landing on a memorable visual mark, befitting of the company and its strengths.

A logo not only provides a visual representation of a business name, but it also provides visual cues that should carry over into other communcation vehicles such as type, iconography, photography and illustration.

After type, color and aesthetic were defined, we got started incorporating them into a variety of collateral to be used as sales tools by 3D Labs.

A printed pamphlet was designed in accordion style format, with 12 panels in total. The panels are meant to continuously draw the reader through the piece and also allude to the concept of dimension.

3d Labs Pamphlet Full
3d Labs Pamphlet Cover
3d Labs Pamphlet Closeup
3d Labs Pamphlet Backside
3d Labs Pamphlet Frontside
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