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A microsite crafted from cutting-edge tech for a cutting-edge subscriptions platform.

We partnered with cleverbridge to communicate the strengths of their new subscription management product through a new microsite to be used as a promotional tool and onboarding platform.

We began by exploring ways to evolve their color palette, branding and supportive visual assets into a younger, more startup-focused aesthetic.

cleverbridge Color Palette

Abstract iconography to represent literal concepts

Iconography can be tricky. They are often overused and abused on the web - so much so that they have begun to blend into the background ether of the web. We set out to change that by experimenting with a more ornate, illustrative approach.

  • Payment Solutions
  • Personalized Billing
  • API Integration
  • Cloud-based Services
  • Subscriber
  • Global Infastructure
  • User Interface
  • Recurring Payments
  • Revenue Retention
  • Easy Integration Design
  • Localization

Simplified, alternate iconography

For smaller applications, each new icon collapses down into a more readable, succinct format.

  • Chat and Support
  • Web-based
  • Alternate Payment Methods
  • Cloud-storage
  • SaaS Platform
  • Profitable Relationships
  • Global Infastructure
  • Trusted Experts

React / Redux combined with the Wordpress REST API

We used a new technique to build a highly flexible and maintainable website through pairing React with the WordPress REST API. This approach allowed us to break free from the security vulnerabilities inherent in Wordpress and also provided a significant boost to page load speed and SEO.

Content administrators are still given the entire power of the Wordpress admin dashboard, but the front-end of the site is completely decoupled from the older, messy PHP that generally architects what a Wordpress site looks like to a user.

The use of React also allows us to think of the web in more of a future-friendly way by splitting up a user interface into specific components. Through a component-based architecture, we were able to build a variety of modular, interactive components to help communicate the current challenges inherent in managing and scaling a SaaS business.

Component A
A cycling list of subscribers

  • Customer
    Oliver Williams
    Failed Payment
  • Customer
    Alonso Torres
  • Customer
    John Smith

Component B
A cycling list of recurring billing information.

  • 7Jan
  • 6Jan
  • 5Jan
  • 4Jan
  • 2Jan
  • 1Jan

Component C
An animated linegraph that takes an artibrary array of values and generates dynamic SVGs.

Pulling it all together

All of our ideas and goals for the site coalesced into a beautiful result that launched before our target date. The site has educated and made positive impressions on countless future users of the new cleverbridge Subscriptions Management product and will continue to inform and impress potential prospects for years to come.

Through our use of Wordpress and its REST API, we were able to provide cleverbridge with the suite of tools and editing features that they know and love while alleviating all of the negative side-effects of Wordpress from development, maintenance and security perspectives.

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