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Priority Health


A creative approach to healthcare

We work with Priority Health on a variety of projects, but none as vigorously as their video library. We use motion graphics, illustration, and video to help explain plan types and educate plan members.

Start from scratch

Every piece we work on with Priority Health starts with a script - it's like the skeleton of the project. We spend a lot of time analyzing all aspects of the script to understand what the client is trying to convey with the video.

Once we have a thorough understanding of the script, a storyboard is sketched by hand and later digitized before being sent to the client for approval to proceed.

Priority Health SketchesPriority Health Storyboarding

Branded Assets

Once the storyboard is approved, assets are created and exported. Each asset is a custom illustrated piece designed to fit within the brand guides and style. This ensures cohesiveness throughout the entire video library.

  • Priority Health Doctor Asset
  • Priority Health Safe Asset
  • Priority Health Piggy Bank SVG Asset
Priority Health Piggy Hospital SVG Asset

Now for the real fun

After we've got a complete library of assets prepared, we import everything into our animation software. We use Adobe After Effects and Premier for motion graphics and video edits, and we rig characters in Rubberhose. We make a specific effort to pour nuance into everything that we animate.

We take our time and work in secondary animations like jiggles, bounces, and flickers to increase visual interest even more. A professional voiceover is recorded from the script and is then laid over a specially sourced music track for each project.

Working on Priority Health Animations

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