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Xoby Organics


Startups are some of our favorite clients. We love helping turn ideas into realities that represent brands and dreams exactly as imagined.

Xoby Organics enlisted Keen to help name their idea for a new company, develop the branding, design stationery and product packaging, determine the user experience and interface for the website, and finally - build the website. Essentially every service Keen has to offer was utilized successfully by Xoby.

After the team tackled the naming process (which is a huge step in and of itself) we got to work on visual branding & miscellaneous collateral design.

Xoby Organics Branding Package

We wanted to instill the organic nature of Xoby into every aspect of their business—from the transparency of how they started the company to the printed products that customers and potential business parters alike would one day have in hand.

With the use of their branded colors on brown kraft stock, we created a tangible representation of who Xoby is in an elegant and well-designed fashion.

Xoby Organics Branding Package
Xoby Organics Branding Package

An online shopping experience can be confusing no matter how easy-to-use we might think we've made it. So we created an quick anmation / video to help new users.

The days of text based how-to's are far from outdated, but video and animation are a much stronger tool when it comes to educating customers.

With a mix of clever animations and screen captured video of the real step-by-step process, we walk the user through just how easy it can be to find products, add them to their box and set up their scheduled orders.

Xoby Organics Homepage

In the digital age we live in, your website is your storefront—and it defines you.

Keen draws on its combined decades of experience when crafting user experiences from scratch, but we also rely on external testing to validate our approach and design. We're not often the target customer and we need to make sure we don't forget that when executing new experiences. Everyone is different and we all expect different things out of an experience.

Through outlining the information architecture of the site and UX workshopping with the team at Xoby, Keen brought their dreams to reality in a way few could. We went above and beyond not only because that's just how we do things but because we want our partners to succeed.

Xoby Organics Mobile Homepage
Xoby Organics Mobile Shop Page
Xoby Organics Add Product to Box

The mobile experience plays a large part in any type of site, but espeically when it comes to selling online. We carefully and teidously crafted Xoby Organics to make it speedy and user-friendly while maintaining the Xoby brand. We try to minimize the differences between mobile and desktop experiences through building all of our web projects responsively and with a mobile-first approach.

From search autocomplete to product filtering, coupons and more, every piece of Xoby's website was built entirely from scratch right in-house and in a matter of months. The late nights and even earlier mornings made that happen, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

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