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A bespoke content publishing platform built to unleash a talented marketing team’s energy

Miller Johnson had just launched an evolved brand and moved into a beautiful new office space that spoke to a capable, dynamic firm. But their web presence had aged poorly and competed with the message that their brand was attempting to communicate.

Looking to improve their presence online, increase their ranking in organic search and more accurately reflect who they were as a company, Miller Johnson selected Keen to help them bring their goals to fruition.

Being the first time Miller Johnson faced building a new website from scratch, Keen was to begin by acting as a consultant - outlining a set of requirements and direction for the project to move in.

Stakeholder meetings were held and a comprehensive list of goals and requirements were distilled. The many content models that the new platform would contain were detailed in-depth and a strategy was formed for how to pull them all together. Like every digital project Keen takes on - a sitemap, content model and content requirements documents were prepared and delivered.

Miller Johnson Sitemap

We don’t take wireframing for granted. It’s crucial to spend time early-on to determine exactly what each view or page should be accountable for what content.

Every single important scope of the MJ site was wireframed. In addition to identifying the logic, actions and content that each page was responsible for, we also assembled a rough structure through collaborative wireframing that can help inform the upcoming UI phase and make changes and revisions easy to implement, without worrying about pixel-perfect design just yet.

Miller Johnson Wireframes

After requirements were defined and structure was wireframed, we began working on dialing in the design of the interface.

Each and every decision made along the way to get to user interface design is purposeful and should have been built off the last. That means we don’t generally need to waste time coming up with “three or four designs” and then let the client pick which one they like best.

Certain treatments are explored and color / type might be applied differently here and there, but the goal is the same. Following this approach means saving time, effort and money.

During the UI phase, we assemble high-fidelity mockups of all important scopes and detail any significant interactions - all at multiple screen sizes. Sometimes we start with mobile, sometimes we still start with desktop - that depends on audience. A UI style guide is delivered and defines all components that’ll be commonly used throughout the site.

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