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Polaris Real Estate


Buying or selling a home can be tough - and we needed to make it look easy.

Polaris came to us with an problem - how to make the homebuying / selling process easier without reinventing the wheel. They wanted to give their realtors a tool to communicate the process of buying and selling, and where their client was at every step of the process.

Polaris wanted their site to focus more on the personal aspect of their busisiness and not on stats and listings alone. Their agents wanted to provide intimate insight into what it's like to work with them - not just how many properties they’ve sold.

Polaris Real Estate Homepage
Polaris Real Estate Mobile Homepage

Buying and selling real estate is quite complicated.

Where do you start? What's next? What paperwork is needed? How do you know when you should put an offer in?

We worked with Polaris to design interactive roadmaps that provide detail along with unique illustrations for each step along the way.

Polaris Buyers / Sellers Roadmap
Polaris Buyers / Sellers Roadmap

Polaris realtors were given a CRM tool that allows them to manage each one of their clients and the current steps they're on in their process. A dynamic URL is generated automatically that agents can send to their clients, so that they can keep track of their progress at any step of the way.

Clients can easily bookmark their own individualized, interactive roadmap to their computer or phone and visit back at any time to read about where they're at and what's ahead.

A cool idea is worthless - it's through the execution that value is added

Ideas born from our design phase had to be taken and executed by our development team - and that's easier said than done.

Building from the Wordpress content management system, we integrated a CRM tool alongside of real estate property listing software into a totally custom Wordpress theme written from scratch.

We used a combination of SVG, Javascript and CSS transitions to bring the roadmaps to life. A traffic light system, symbolic of current, past and future buying / selling steps, helps indicate what the client has completed and what's left ahead.

The entire graphic is vector-based and allows for the exact same experience on any device - be it mobile or desktop.

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