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A new web presence crafted to communicate the strength and protection of Rubica

We partnered with Rubica to apply their new, beautiful branding to a new market-facing website meant to catapult Rubica into organic search rankings, inform potential customers about the value that Rubica's protection provides and drive enrollment into the program.

Rubica Sitemap
Rubica Wireframes

Their branding, applied

Being the first time that their new brand was applied to a digital medium, we were tasked with designing iconography and other miscellaneous supporting visuals that could be used in context within the site.

  • Personal Analysis Icon Design
  • Configure & Download Icon Design
  • Secure, Private Network Icon Design
  • Human-Assisted Machine Learning Icon Design
  • Concierge Service Icon Design
  • Multiple Devices Icon Design
  • Set Up Icon Design
  • Secure Icon Design

The Full Website

Through the design and development process, we were able to bring our ideas to life. What resulted was a very polished, informative website that Rubica can now use to educate potential prospects about what they can do - and provide multiple avenues for interested parties to enroll.

Rubica Homepage

CSS Animations

We like to obsess over the nuances of design and worked in a variety of CSS animations that provide an extra layer of polish to the website.

Why Rubica Page
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