We're a small studio with big capabilities—and we like it that way.

Keen is comprised of a select group of artists, designers, musicians, illustrators and developers—constantly pushing boundaries and questioning the status quo. A tighter-knit group of creatives there never was.

  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Chicago, IL
  • Marathon, FL
Keen - Studio Interior

Our main studio is on the West Side of Grand Rapids, MI in an old 1950s service station.

We also have satellite offices in South Florida and Chicago - allowing us to service our clients better. If you’d like to arrange an appointment, please contact us, we’d love to meet up.

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  • Keen Team Member

    15+ years of design direction, digital development and advertising. Corporate and agency.

    Adam Mikrut

    Creative Director

  • Keen Team Member

    A Marine biologist who spent the last 10 years in non-profit administration. Ryan handles the day-to-day operations at Keen.

    Ryan Butts

    Studio Director

  • Keen Team Member

    Our digital guru. James lives, sleeps and dreams in zeroes and ones. He came to Keen after a stay at a global ecommerce provider in Chicago.

    James Mikrut

    UI/UX Director

  • Keen Team Member

    Websites should be beautiful in both form and function, at least according to Sean. With a background in graphic design, he’s able to achieve that with each and every project he gets his hands on.

    Sean Zubrickas


  • Keen Team Member

    Jordan’s diverse background ranges from print/prepress, in-house corporate design, agency work, machinist, welder/fabricator, and tattoo artist.

    Jordan Armstrong


  • Keen Team Member

    Gabi’s organizational, communication, and multitasking abilities ensure a smooth communication line between Keen and our clients.

    Gabriela Jelinek

    Project Manager

  • Keen Team Member

    Jacob embodies the principles of design, filtering his life through the lens of the design process: observation and critique.

    Jacob Fletcher

    Designer Developer

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